On transethnic and transgender activism

by retzielcrimson

Trans activists frequently accuse critics of their ideology of hyperbole if not transphobia when similarities are mentioned between their arguments and transethnics. These similarities run quite deep and form a large overlap, illustrating similarities that should inform debate on trans activists’ assertions and arguments.

Transethnics, like trangenders, overwhelmingly come from the oppressor class appropriating the struggles of the oppressed class. The vast majority of transgender people are males, and the vast majority of transethnic people are white. Both trans groups utilize stereotypes of the oppressed with which they can digest and perform and then utilize to claim being transwomen/transPoC. Because they observe stereotypes in order to claim to be transwomen and transPoC, the trans claim to be oppressed because they need to perform these stereotypes to claim to be women/PoC while women/PoC do not. This process culminates in claiming that women/PoC are oppressive gatekeepers keeping men/white people from being who they really are in their brain.

This happens despite clear evidence to the contrary in both cases, ‘brain sex’ theory which is the crux of transgender activist claims is not supported by any scientific evidence.

There are already studies on the similarities between transgenders and people who have body identity integrity disorder. These studies have focused mainly on the relationship between BIID and gender dysphoria as both involve people wanting to remove healthy organs due to psychological stress caused from having them. What I am increasingly witnessing on social media trans activism, however, is less that and more akin to the tumblr/twitter transethnic and even otherkin ID movements. Otherkin are usually white teens who believe they’re cows/dolphins/cats/etc in their brain. Some of these transgender activists are involved in campaigns to abolish women-only spaces in the name of ‘equality’ as it’s bigoted to keep men who call themselves women from women-only spaces. How can transwomen assert they’re women, after all, if women don’t do what’s expected and let the men through?

Looking at the thought process many trans activists go through to believe that sex exists in your brain, and you can identify however you wish, we can see the danger and delusional game that is being played. We have to be clear that just as no one is coercively assigned human at birth, no one is coercively assigned male/female at birth. You are, or you are not.